Receipt and payment secondary sorting criterion

hello users,
the way receipt and payment get arranged it should be changed for better understanding.
this happen as follows:-

when i have five receipts entered today, from my thought i think the last receipt to enter should be at the top because it is the one with largest number.
example, in today 10 of june 2021, i have receipts in my book that are 1000, 1001, 1002, 1003, 1004, 1005. the first to enter is 1000 then 1001 and finally 1005. i think 1005 should be at the top because its the last one even if all have the same date, but manager will make 1000 to be at the top while i entered it in morning and 1005 it was evening and the last.
order should be in descending order and not ascending order for receipts and payment because always the receipt with highest number is the last to be entered.

Click on # above the column, ie the number sorting order gets reversed.

Screenshot 2021-06-10 at 15.28.58

That would be a coincidence. I see cases where receipts and payments on the same date are listed in non-sequential order of reference numbers. Here is an example where some transactions have references, others do not; some have descriptions, others do not; receipts were in various bank or cash accounts; and payers were mixed. Some of the bank transactions are cleared, others are not. But all were on the same date:

Every tab has a default sorting algorithm. I know, for example, that sales invoices are listed according to this algorithm, which mixes status and dates:

  • Overpaid invoices first (these are bookkeeping errors)
  • Then unpaid invoices sorted by issue date, newest first
  • Then paid invoices by issue date

I do not know the algorithm for receipts and payments, but based on my experimentation it does not include reference numbers, payers/payees, accounts, clearance status or dates, or descriptions. @lubos would have to provide that information.

Personally, I think reference number is the most logical secondary sort criterion for receipts and payments. I am putting this into the ideas category (and editing the subject).