Re cost from inventory

Is there a way to re cost invoice items when cloning invoices?
I would like to clone a invoice with say 6 items, on a regular basis, often the cost or selling price has changed since last invoice. In previous software packages there have been options/buttons that refresh the cost price from the current inventory records.
What I do now is to delete each item, and re enter it, and this refreshes the price.

if you can see the screen shot example, the quantities and discounts for each client means that the cloning feature saves time even if I have to re enter each inventory item, at least the other details are retained (the quantities and discounts as well as customer details remain the same each time as it depends on their specific circumstances)

Is this a really dumb question or a feature that no one has ever had a need for?
As you might notice the example I have illustrated shows complex fractions of a unit and maintaining the invoice structure is important as well as the proportions that each recipient has to pay for. This is a non profit venture and suspect re-costing from inventory would save hours and minimise mistakes!

If someone who knows the program really well could just tell me if it is possible or not - that would be enough - I don’t expect my unusual request to trigger a new feature if no one else has ever needed it.