Quoting Projects

is it possible to add an option for quoting projects? example: our specialist to handling Events from A-z, therefore i want to check how much our cost and selling price per project not per items

What you ask for would not be the ability to quote. That is already present in the Sales Quotes tab, where you can enter anything you want in a variety of ways.

What you ask is for is estimating and pricing software. Cost estimates are typically so specialized by industry or even company that they are not feasible in general purpose accounting software. The necessary information on your costs from external suppliers, internal labor, and so forth, is not available. And pricing decisions are management decisions, not accounting functions. Only you can decide how much to charge for your goods or services. Even in very large companies with customized software, estimating software is almost always separate from accounting software. If it is not, it is tailored specifically for the operations of the individual company.