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Good morning, this is my first post and I think there are not many engineers here. So I hope to get an answer from more experienced users.
I need to find out if Manager is capable of handling construction projects, not just sales. Things are really different when you make quotes for construction projects… For example, a book always costs 10€ no matter who you sell it to… and it is always a book, same title, same description etc…
But painting a house for example or laying floor tiles is not always the same… We could charge 10€/sqm or 14€/sqm depending on the size of the tile or the area to cover.
Also, payments, measurements for contractors etc… exists only in construction projects.

Can manager calculate somethin like quantity*cost + %profit = final price something like excel?
I don’t want to use two apps to make my calculations because everytime I change something I have to write it two times…
Today I use ELORUS but since I discovered MANAGER which is awsome btw, I want to move everything and have it ready for 2020.

Thank you in advance for reading my rather long description and for trying to help

There are several points to discuss here, @JTB.

First, Manager is not cost estimating software, and never will be. There are many construction cost estimating packages. If your projects are complex, you should probably use one of them. But they will probably not do general accounting, so you will still need two programs.

Second, Manager will not add percentage profits to a calculated amount. Your profit must be included in your unit prices. However, every line item in Manager multiplies a quantity times the unit price to obtain the amount for that line item.

Third, no accounting program is a spreadsheet. You should not think of the application that way.

Fourth, in Manager, you can define non-inventory items for things like tile setting or house painting. Their unit prices can be per square meter. And you could define different non-inventory items for different types. For example, 2 cm tile could be one price per square meter and 30 cm tile could be another. See Brush painting could be a different item from spray painting.

Fifth, Manager will perform calculations within number fields. See Be aware, however, that the formula will be converted to a number upon saving the form. The formula itself will not be saved.

All that said, there are many construction businesses using Manager, if questions on the forum are any indication.

Thank you for your detailed answer… Manager will probably be my official accounting software and I will try to either find or “create” something for my cost estimating.
Great work.

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