i am having problem that the quotation that i make have total number of quantity in it. how do i remove it?

What version number are you using? Show the Edit screen for this sales quote and the full View screen, not just a portion.


OK. If all line items have the same unit of measure, the sales quote will add up quantities and display the total. That feature was added in response to users who demanded to know how many total items were being shipped. In the example below, the unit of measure for the case of light bulbs was edited temporarily to “Each:”

If the unit of measure for that inventory item is restored to its normal value of “Case,” the total disappears, and the column heading reverts from “Each” to “Qty,” because a total of dissimilar units of measure makes no sense:

You can suppress all totals, including the total quantity by checking the option to Hide total amount:

Screenshot 2023-09-13 at 4.51.38 PM

That produces a View like this:

That option is customarily used when providing a customer with options for various line items, such as when you expect them to choose one product but give prices for several. But when you are expecting the customer to buy the entire quote, what is the harm of showing the total quantity? After all, you are then showing the total price.

There is harm as in comparing apples with pears. Assume you sell both in Kg, why would the customer be interested in the total of both? Even worse if you sell apples, pears and flour, etc. It should be optional to total the Qty column as with the Total amount for good reasons.

I think you overlooked my main message, @eko. I was discussing the example, where all units of measure were the same. In that situation, the total makes sense. In any other case, I agree with you that such a number is meaningless.