Quotation reference number is not changing

I recently upgraded from Windows 7 Ultimate to Windows 10. I had backed up my Manager data files on a external drive.

After installing Win 10, I restored the Manager data to the same location. Now the problem I have is with the sales quote number. The number is not changing automatically with each new sales quote.

Before it was working alright but now I have 5 quotes with same numbers. Kindly advise where the issue is as I need the functionality like before.

You do not mention what that number is. Manager will search for the highest existing number and add 1 to it. If you overwrite the default number, it will pick up from that point. If you use a custom scheme, such as including alphabetic characters in the reference, it will look for the highest number, ignoring your scheme. So it sounds like what is happening is that there is a number stuck in the system.

Are older sales quotes still correct? Are you overwriting the automatic reference number in any way? What happens if you manually change the last quote to a higher number and then create a new one?

By the way, is your version of Manager up to date?

Yes. You were right. The number got stuck somehow. I changed it manually and updated it and it is now taking the numbers in sequence. Thanks for your inputs.