Questions about the different Editions

Whats about updates for

  1. Is it easy to upgrade Desktop or Server-Edition?
  2. Does the Price for Server-Edition is for live-time, for release, or for one year?
  3. Whats with patches for Server-Editions - will they be available and easy to install?
  4. How Save are the Data in the Cloud-Edition (means Backup and Access-Security)?
  1. Yes.
  2. The license will work forever. It’s perpetual.
  3. Upgrading works the same way as installing. Simply override new version with old one.
  4. Backups are done automatically every 4 hours and your cloud site is password protected. If anyone finds out what’s your username and password, they will be able to access your data. But that’s pretty much the same security as you have with your email address or internet banking.

how much are upgrades , maintenance and support after one year?