Question related to batch update


First of all, thank you for the amazing software. It took a lot of research to finally land on a program that have all the features I need.

The question I have is related to batch updates.
It seems like actual name of items, bank accounts, GL account #s, and etc. are recorded as unique IDs instead of their actual names. Is there a way to change this so I can use the actual name instead of long string of charters?

Thank you for your help!

No. The developer has, however, written in the past that he plans to substitute plain language for the UUIDs. No information about when that will happen.


Thank you for the quick response.

Not a big deal as I’m able to get the name and UUID mapping by doing batch update.

However, I couldn’t find batch update for chart of account. Is there an easy way to get UUID and chart of account mapping?

Thanks for your help!

No. You cannot Batch Update the chart of accounts. Realistically, that would not be a very useful feature, as changing your chart of accounts is something you would hardly ever do.

Manually create an entry you can readily identify which uses the item you want the UUID of, then use a batch update to see what the UUID is