Reorder Point

Dear Managers

How about the Reorder Point Option.?

This has been mentioned so many times in the forum, I was surprised to discover it was not already in the ideas category. I have put it there.

Any update about reorder point.?

As long as a topic is still in the ideas category, there has been no action. If something is done, it will be announced in the thread by the developer and the topic will be removed from ideas.

@Tut @lubos

one year of this topic

any update about re order point or end stock option.?

It’s not one year of this topic but many years. I have been pursuing this topic actively a few times but then, on realisation, that the topic is not on priority list of the the developers, I abandoned follow up.

Perhaps, the developers @lubos may not think it is so important and the necessity of implementation but the fact remains that the reorder option is vital for manufacturing business

As a result, many a times due to human error or lapses for the staff, the reorder was delayed that, ultimately, made losses directly or indirectly.


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If it is that important to your business, you should have a procedure to export the information about stock levels into Excel, for example, and use that to report what inventory needs to be pre-ordered.

Certainly a report in Manager would be good, but in the meantime a report outside should provide the information required

@meesam, the answer to your question is the same as when you asked it a year ago.

@Joe91 We are doing exactly as you described. But, that involves manually maintained reports that, as I mentioned, often makes human error and sometimes go unnoticed.

That said, it is obvious that you are not involved in manufacturing business otherwise, not only you would have well understood the necessity of this kind of implementation but also may have casted a vote in favour

I was involved in a manufacturing business in a previous life and am quite aware of the needs of operational management.

However Manager is designed principally as an accounting system rather than as a MRP system

So it’s features are not as functional as you might like in many areas related to operations whether manufacturing, order fulfillment or inventory management.

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Not everyone shares the same viewpoints about necessities. There are many highly effective inventory stock management techniques that require no interaction with the accounting system. In fact, I would venture to say that most personnel involved with reordering of inventory in most manufacturing businesses have no access to the accounting system. That degree of integration is typically too expensive for many businesses.

@Tut , I agree. Everyone has different definitions of necessities.

About manager, I believe it’s not just an accounting system involving merely debits & credits. It’s a complete package accounting system involving trading, manufacturing and inventory control. To my belief, adding an option of reorder level would be welcomed by many as is quiet obvious from different users’ opinion in FORUM.

My belief as aforesaid may not necessarily be shared by some users. On the other hand, I’m sure, many users will definitely go along with implementing the reorder option.

The issue from a program perspective is I would be very surprised if all businesses use the same algorithm to define reorder requirements.

So while it may appear simple to provide some support for a particular business reorder protocol. It is likely to be much harder to provide a simple to use tool which addresses all businesses reorder protocol well.

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While waiting for this idea to be implemented, a basic stock re-order tool could be set up by creating an inventory item custom field for minimum stock level (with the "show custom field as a column ticked).

Then the inventory item list would be exported to a spreadsheet with a simple formula to identify items that are at or below the minimum stock level. Identified items would then be checked against warehouse actual stock before being re-ordered.

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Hi @AJD . Your idea appeals to me and may offer a solution until it’s implemented in manager.

Can you help me with the formula to identify the items “at” or “below” the reorder level?

Something like this would do it.



@AJD , hats off to you. Let me experiment with your suggestions. Seemingly, it is really going to work, it will definitely go a long way to give us a solution that would help in proper management to control reorder level.

Thanks a lot,
Best Regards.

I trust you are doing well, is there a possibility of coming up with Reorder Quantities, so that you cannot sell below the minimum inventory quantity?

This is a very important aspect for us who deal with inventory business

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This has been added to the latest version. It’s part of the bigger update. See:

And also the related guide here: