QR Code Generation for Invoice

Imported extensions will always sync with how they are defined in global repository. I have some ideas to make this more obvious and make it more difficult to edit them. It still needs to be possible to edit them in case you are improving them for everyone and submitting your changes to global repository.

If you create custom extension, your edits won’t be lost.

The question is, what is wrong with the current extension that requires you to fix it.

Ok, till you complete the QR code extension I can not say there is something wrong.
I made no corrections but just some edits like make the total amount “ Total amount Incl. VAT” and the VAT amount “ Include VAT Amount 5% or 15%” and make the total amount incl.VAT before VAT amount .
Also I was trying to make the QR everywhere and show the payee or customer or supplier name and VAT ID.

@Ehab, I mean no disrespect. But, you said you know nothing about coding. If that is the case, I believe you are going to experience repeated disappointment if you try to do what you are doing yourself. Extensions are not meant to be used by novices.

Let us see the good in your words, I respect and appreciate you.
I’m not a novice, I just “do not know” and that doesn’t mean I can’t learn. Simple things like what I did - arrange the result - to suit me you do not even need the novice skills to do, I’ve succeeded to do and all the code is still under improvement that supports me to join trying to give any help.
Now I need your help, Does the QR code gives you result in sales invoice without editing the code? if yes, I think there is something wrong on my side and I will try to reimport the code.

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Until it is usable by non-programmers, it is basically not ripe, and is user unfriendly.

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Dear, Can you make a video for me
i cant resolved it if you make a sample
Thank you

This is a great approach to expanding the functionality of the program. In addition to the template language Liquid, we now have the ability to process code and implement our own tasks using JavaScript. It’s very professional. Thank you very much for this opportunity.