Put late payment fees on new invoice?

Instead of adding late payment fees to the sales invoice for which they are due, is it possible to generate a new sales invoice for them?

I have read the guide on assessing late payment fees, and I suspect the answer is that Manager has no built-in way to do this, but it could be done manually easily enough if you perform the necessary calculations externally and enter the amounts manually as a line item on a new sales invoice.

The reason I ask is that we use a fiscal device that sends our invoices to our tax authority after we create them, and at the end of every day of trading we send a summary report of the day’s invoices through the device. So, by the time late payment fees are ready to be assessed, the invoice has long since been sent to the tax authorities, and we aren’t permitted to change it. I think it would be useful if Manger had the option to do all the calculations and track the fees, but create a new sales invoice instead of adding them to the unpaid one. I think it would be nice to have the option to create a new invoice for the fees every month, or to generate a single invoice for all the fees to date when the customer finally makes payment.

Based on my search of the forum I am guessing this is an uncommon requirement, so I will fully understand if the developer decides it’s not worth pursuing.

The short answer is yes. And you have already described how to do it. You just need to post the line item to a suitable income account. The source and description of the fee are immaterial. The key is to understand you would not be adding a late payment fee to an existing sales invoice. Instead, you would be charging a fee on a new invoice, no different than if you were charging for engineering services, art design, or rent.

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Thanks @Tut.