Purchase Orders reusing old numbers

This might well be due to my bad use of the system or incomplete knowledge of accounting!

I have the Purchase Order Number order set to automatic. When the order is complete I do a “Copy to Purchase Invoice” and I then delete the order as it’s not needed anymore as all the information is in the invoice. However, when I then create a new Purchase Order it uses the same number as the one I have deleted and when that order is complete I then “Copy to Purchase Invoice” and so I now two invoices with the same order number.

Should I not delete the Purchase order when it is completed? Or is there a way of automatically generating the next number in sequence even if I have deleted the order?

Please don’t delete the order documents. Manager restarts automatic counting anytime you delete.

Thanks for the advice. I delete the orders when they are complete so I can easily scan down to see which orders have still to be completed. If I keep them all, what is the preferred way to check which orders are still open?

Create a custom field Label for Purchase Order , “ Status ”, and tick “Show custom field as a column” enter the content “Open” “Closed” what ever you wish and have it as drop down for easy selection.
You will have to remember to change the status content when you convert the order to invoice.
On the Purchase Order tab you can click the column heading Status to order or type the Status content in the search bar to show only, for example, Open Purchase Orders.

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Perfect! Thank you very much for your help.