Purchase Code vs Sales Code on Printed Documents

We want to issue purchase orders with a different product item name / item code/ from Invoice Offers
The Client shouldn’t see the Supplier code.

To be precise, the Supplier’s code/name if applicable.
We want this to be automatically done either from a brand new supplier order/invoice or
from Sales Order/Offer

As we all know we have
Item code = Code (both US and CLIENT) sees and we search from
Item name = Code ONLY WE see and search from
Description = Code ONLY client sees, but we can’t search from.

How can we do that? We do not want the customer able to see supplier code/description, and supplier is not needed to see customer code/description. (At the very least the supplier code)

The customer should not be able to uniquely identify the supplier later by googling the product code.

Two approaches.

  1. create inventory kits separately with preferred item codes for each inventory item.
    select these inventory kits instead of inventory item when making a sales invoice.

  2. create separate inventory items with preferred item codes and make production orders from purchased inventory.
    select the newly produced inventory item when making a sales invoice.

the guides are available for both inventory kits and production orders.

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I think there is a an easier solution that requires neither inventory kits nor production orders:

  • For item codes, use what you want the customer to see. This will be your internal identification.
  • For item names, use the supplier code. This will not appear on purchase orders or sales invoices. Your customers will never see it.
  • For descriptions, do one of two things (either will work): (a) Enter both the supplier code and a verbal description you want the customer to see. When creating a sales invoice, edit the description by deleting the supplier’s code in the description, leaving only the verbal description. OR (b) Enter only a verbal description. When ordering from a supplier, transcribe the supplier’s code from the Item dropdown field to the description field so the supplier knows without question what you are ordering.

Which approach you choose for the description depends on whether you issue more sales invoices or purchase orders. You might also consider that deleting codes under approach (a) has less possibility for error than transcribing codes under approach (b). Unfortunately, you cannot copy and paste the supplier code, because contents of the Item field are hyperlinks. Of course, you must exercise the discipline of always deleting or transcribing the supplier codes. But honestly, there is probably no disaster if you accidentally allow a customer to see a supplier code. Will they know what it is?