Projects showing invoices item by item

How are you doing Dears
when viewing any project income or Direct cost it showing invoices item by by item , some invoices has a long list of items this duplicates invoice number and date many times why not showing the invoice totals only . if invoice details needed user can view it simply


Because Manager keeps records item by item. This is necessary because different line items on a single transaction form could have different tax codes, be allocated to different projects or divisions, or be returned or discounted separately.

OK, is it possible to combine or collect all items related to the project so it shown in one line ?
item 1 - tax 15% - project 1 - 100
item 2 - tax 12% project 2 - 75
item 3 - tax 5% project 1 - 50
combining items 1,3 related to project 1 = 150

No. For your special desire, you will need to copy to clipboard, paste into a spreadsheet, and manipulate the data yourself.