Multiple Invoices with Summary


I often have to create multiple invoices for a client (one per project i am working on) but I am receiving a single payment.

What I am doing right now is create one invoice per project + one summary invoice. Then I print each one of them in PDF and I use an external tool to merge them together before sending the file to the client. I use the invoice numbers for grouping like X for the summary invoice, then X.1, X.2, X.3…

For now it is okay, but it is a bit cumbersome and when I am getting paid, I don’t want to mark both the summary and the project invoices as paid because it duplicates the amounts received.

Any idea how I could do this or is this an upcoming feature?


Not sure what you are doing that it duplicates the amounts received…

Have a look at to see how to receive money from customer for invoices.


My clients want to have a separate invoice per projects with a summary page and they make a single payment. I looked at the suggested page, but it doesn’t solve my problem since the ammounts are entered twice because of the summary invoice.

I am printing the invoices 34, 34.1, 34.2, 34.3 and merge the PDF together with 34 as the summary (I removed names and descriptions). There might be a better way to summarize multiple invoices, but I could not find it.


This is not the way to do it. If your clients require separate invoice per project, that’s fine but don’t issue another invoice summarizing those invoices.

If you want to send your customers summary of what they owe you, the way to do it is to send them a document called Customer statement, see -