Programming Invoice for TAX verification

is there anyone in this forum designing/programming invoice to match with taxation regulations?

I think that you need to make you request more specific. The taxation regulations for invoice content and structure vary depending on where your business is located.

Also most regulations regarding tax invoices set minimum requirements regarding the elements that need to be included. I think that the standard invoice in Manager meets the requirements or comes very close to meeting the requirements in most jurisdictions.

It would be best to start by ascertaining the elements required in your jurisdiction and checking the Manager standard invoice to see if any are missing. If you find an element that is missing then ask a question about how that element may be added using a custom theme.

@AJD Thank you for your response and leading m with a way to seek a clarification.

I am from Fiji Islands, and we have a jurisdiction to get our Vat Monitored using a Vat Monitoring System when an Invoice is generated, or a payment is received. So basically if anything to do after these transactions, the movement of VAT either it be payment received, invoice cancelled, payment refunded, etc, the VMS system will know and action accordingly.

I have documentation on the requirement and the requirements to make the programmable interface, which I am uploading now to see if anyone can lead me in the right direction while using Manager.

Thank you.

Technical Instructions for POS Developers - Version 2.9.pdf (1.6 MB)

Please note that Manager is designed as and accounting program and not a POS. Even though some may use it as such it is better to use a separate POS system and then for example use Z-Reports to enter summary data into Manager.

Not really. We are treating Manager as all aspects of accounting processing. Invoicing and payments are part of it. Even though there is no POS module, manager has inventory sales and returns process. A programmer can marry the fields as per the instructions. It’s a pity I am not a programmer. And I am sure, the existing software flow process can be utilized. All I need a developer who wants to work on the integration JSON.