Program defaults and datepicker

Hello @lubos

I apologise in advance if I am repeating past topics.
But I want to express my disappointment in the following:

  1. Custom fields when set to certain properties for example drop down selection list, when as per user guide, created the fields and variables entered as per instructions, I dont get the drop down list.

  2. Datepicker on Custom fields do not work. I have set a fields to enter dates in invoice in location other than invoice dats, the date selection do not appear on the field marked for data entry.

  3. Invoice rendering to PDF tuncates and carries the fields data to next line the longer.

Could you please provide a fix without the need for a Programming guru.

Thank you.

#1: You need to illustrate with screen shots. And are you aware that regular custom fields are not the same as line-item custom fields? The dropdown list feature has not yet been implemented on line-item custom fields. See this topic: Problem with drop down list option in line custom fields.

#2: No one and no Guide ever said a date picker would be available for custom fields. Selecting Date as the field type for a custom field only means the program will treat the field as a date instead of a text string.

#3: First, Manager is not a what-you-see-is-what-you-get program. Second, what type of field did you choose? And what size?

I get a “date picker” on my custom date fields!

date down

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The illustration is same as provided in previous post links. But I am hoping the developer if he could make it happen.

=I am not denying that the guide ever said that. But date picker would solve a lot of hassles in data entry.

Hope Manager becomes a WYSIWYG as the developers are awesomely actioning any requests, As fir the fields, I am I am using custom fields in line for Data entry form.
I believe the form editor is perfect, but the PDF renderer does not work ok. If I print the Invoice using using a PDF printer the invoice is fine. But if I send the invoice via email, or save the invoice, it becomes like this as in screenshot.

How is it possible?
@Tut is there a fix already?

I an using an older version 21.2.51 as there has been too many things get broken and go missing, like this, and spending my time trying to earn money instead of stuffing around with broken programs is more important.
More to the point, the date picker used to work on custom date fields as I have pointed out.
Another breakage in updates!!


@Tut , Now I understand. The in Line fields do not wrap the date function,

@VACUUMDOG I have tested the date field in the form - not in line, and I do get the dropdown and the date picker.

@Tut, could the in line fields also have the same function as the other custom fields.

Thank you.

I do not know the answer to your question.

@Tut, @lubos , can the data entry date and dropdown field properties have the same functionality globally? at least in the data entry forms as its crucial to train employees.

@rukshakhan datepicker was never implemented on line items. There is already topic for this feature request.

Hi @Lubos, If it had never been implemented, then can we say we have progressed to a situation that we see it necessary. @ least for for the following small size field types:

1- Single Line Text
2. Date
3. Dropdown List
4. Numbers.

Otherwise all good testing so far. PS. How is it possible to email you?

I did an upgrade to latest version this morning,

Below is a screenshot of the PDF now.

But a Cusom inline column is not centering. I have tried adjusting the html code… but cannot. Do you have any advise on the matter.

My advice is to accept what the program does. The Description column is also left aligned.

:grinning: @Tut, I wonder what Akhnaton would have said to your statement.