Profit & Loss Statement without Foreign Exchange Gain/Loss


I would like to produce a P&L report for a specific tracking code. Although the business transacts in several currencies, the base currency is USD. How can I produce a P&L report without the foreign exchange gain/loss?

The purpose of the report is to show how much sales income the tracking code has generated over the period in USD, irrespective of currency fluctuations.

Can I simply deduct foreign exchange gain/loss from income on the P&L report to illustrate income generated from sales during the specific period?

No. If transactions in foreign currencies are assigned a tracking code, the forex gains/losses associated with them are part of the performance of the code.

Understood. Can the foreign exchange gain/loss be deducted from the income as a means to only show sales performance in the given period?

You can do whatever you want with your report. And there are built-in sales reports that will provide that information.

Yes, if you re-design your chart of accounts:
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