Profit & Loss Statement showing Net Loss instead of Net Profit

Hello guys, good day to you all.

I downloaded the evaluation copy of Manager (server edition) for testing, and hoping to buy a license once it sufficiently meets my demand.

I simply tested with a case study below:
Excellence Ltd is a Gas Station that sells only petrol & diesel via pumps. It is assumed the business just commenced, therefore all account balances and inventory balances are zero and all business assets are summed up into Fixed Asset = N45,000,000 and Cash in Bank = N10,000,000.

I setup a purchase order for 33,000 litres of petrol at N135/litre. Haulage and loading fee are N70,000 and N30,000 respectively. That makes my cost price N138.03. I subsequently copied these to purchase invoice and used the ‘Spend Money’ option to pay for the product from a Cash Account I already setup and funded.

Having made payment, I record the stock in the Inventory items using N138.03 as cost price and N150.00 as sales price. Quantity on hand = 33,000 ltrs and Average Cost = N138.03.
Just for testing, I sold off the entire stock using ‘Sales Invoice’ obviously at N150.00 sales price so that Inventory item is now = 0 litre.

Ideally, this simple transaction and operation is supposed to yield a Net Profit of N395,000 (assuming no expenses were incurred), but why are my having a Net Loss of N4,160,000.

Please, can anyone assist with clarification as to why I have this P&L statement reading Net Loss?

Its very hard to read the picture as the writing is extremely small. but you should only have an amount in inventory-cost in expenses. You have an amount in product stock the word looks like. This should not be there. This is why you are reading a loss

thank you @dalacor for your prompt response and sorry for the hard-to-read image. I have cropped off the excess. Though you actually got that right… Product stock is an account I created to be able to proceed with the Purchase Invoice, lemme explain that…

the second image below, shows Account option to be selected while i was preparing the ‘Purchase Invoice’, there was no account that best described the operation of ‘paying supplier for product’, hence i created Account ‘Product stock’ in Chart of Accounts. Otherwise, the amount would have been posted in the Suspense Account.

where should I have posted the transaction??

This whole process is incorrect - the timing of the payment is not relevant to the inventory placement.
Your Purchase Invoice is incorrect - you are purchasing inventory therefore you shouldn’t be expensing it.

Step 1 - create your inventory items - Petrol & Diesel

Your Purchase Invoice will now look like this (not exact currency match but you get the picture)

And the Inventory now looks like this

The Balance Sheet will look like this

The Sales Invoice would be this

Giving you a BS & P&L like this

With the payment to the supplier still to occur

Thanks a lot @Brucanna, you have just saved me a big headache and simplified the use of the ‘Inventory Items’ . Apparently, I was doing it wrongly. Thanks much… thanks to @dalacor for contributing.
I will continue with the evaluation, if I have any other questions or suggestions, will post them as soon as I discover…

Yes remove the product stock account - you basically duplicated your expense in both accounts.

Glad that you got it working.