Production orders

Hi Lubos,

The software is getting better and better. Introduced it to a few more business clients. :slight_smile:

Updated the software and understood your example as well.

What about the finished goods. Do they also have the same flow?

For example, I have an invoice #1 from a customer for 500 units. The customer takes 100 units every 10 days due to storage issues from the govt. Accordingly I make the units fresh on the 8th day upon receiving his confirmation that the driver will be coming on the 10th day. So in total there are 5 deliveries/pickups that are to happen.

After the 3rd delivery the customer places a new order (invoice #2) for another 500 units under the same principal. I have all the raw materials for it, its just that I have not produced it. So now I have 700 units to produce.

Will the inventory margin report, take the COGS for the balance 200 units and allocate it to invoice # 1 after the next deliveries respectively or will it be shown as an aggregate in invoice #2?

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