Production Orders - Enhancements

Let assume there is one more input Y and it a production with multiple output.

There have been some lengthy discussions about bills of material and inventory kits in other forum topics previously. Sorry, but I don’t have time to search for them now.

I’m aware of that @Tut sir, I just wanted to understand some things.

I understand, @Abeiku. I thought it might be helpful for others to know this aspect of the subject is not new to the forum.

:+1: I agree

I don’t see that being required unless I am misunderstanding. If the BOM feature has been implemented and the User has activated the BOM tab then all Inventory Kits would be created via the BOM, that is, you won’t be able to create an Inventory Kit directly, separately from the BOM. Hence, under (G), the mentioning of the Inventory Kit tick box.

If a User already has Inventory Kits when activating the BOM tab then those Inventory Kit inputs will be converted into BOM. This would be so that you don’t have conflicts from having duplicate constructions (a BOM xyz and an Inventory Kit xyz) and that you are always building Inventory options upwards from an Inventory Items base.

I think the issue here is that the Production Order doesn’t know the nature of the inputs.
Was it to make a batch of bread loaves or was it to combine a bolt, washer and nut into a set.
While the loaves can’t be disassembled the sets could be. Perhaps the BOM could have a tick box - This BOM can be disassembled - and would only be available on previously created Production Orders, so if you had created 100 sets, then you could unwind 10 of those sets.

For some reasons i believe there is no reason to overthink this because this is not going to be an automated process. it is always the user who initiates a process and who knows what the user has in mind. also, i do not think any user would try to disassemble bread. :slight_smile: i believe simplified suggestions would be easier to implement for the developer. improvements can always be made later.

this would cause issues for many business for the below reason i mentioned in my suggestion.

there is no prediction that a business would always produce rather than buy the item directly for a short period due to some unforeseen circumstances. in this case it would be an issue if the inventory item can only be produced and thereafter disassembled.

the main reason of my suggestion was enabling the possibility to set an Inventory Item as an Inventory Kit so that users do not have to create two separate items for production and purchase. if the item was purchased directly, would Manager add the on hand stock for the item or to its BOM?
also, as per the current Manager design you cannot purchase an inventory kit. my suggestion would only require modification to the program which i believe would be easier than programming a whole new feature from scratch.

That depends on what you are calling "abnormal. Lets say you were making a batch of 100 jars of jam. If 5 jars broke during the production, then the input item Jars would 105 while the output item Jam remains at 100. The cost of those additional 5 jars would just become part of the finished good’s average cost.

Not sure how this would work as how would you assign a quantity which is a requirement if the “waste & spoilage” is going to be an inventory item… If the above batch had spoilage of 5 jars, 3 labels and 2 lids how would that be entered ?

will this needed improvement even see the light of day ?
3 years since it first was conceived endless suggestions of making it better and still nothing.

I would like to suggest one thing, hope to do easiest way at Production Orders.

  1. add checkbox (Is template), when yes, it will not effect on production (just a record)
  2. user can clone template then uncheck is template and add multiplier, so that system can update qty and increase finished items and decrease Bill of Materials
    just my suggestion

Correct, because the Inventory Kit represents an internally created sales package, a combination of items which can’t be purchased complete. If you could purchase the “kit” complete, then it would be a standard Inventory Item as the item doesn’t go through any changes between purchase and sale.

That is the issue with this suggestion, Inventory Kits have nothing to do with either production or purchase, they are purely there to enable a business to create sale packages.

I was wondering if this might be implemented at any time, because in my business, I process fruit and use the juice for fermenting and the pulp for other products.