Production Order

I have a meat company, I purchase cow carcus and from cow carcus we produce variety of inventory. As of the current operation in manager, I can use multiple production materials to produce only one finished inventory… But I can not use one production material to produce multiple finished items… As of my example, A single cow carcus can produce Beef fillet, Leg meat and other finished inventory. How can I go about this?

As of now, you cannot do what you want. The idea for multiple outputs has been in the ideas category since the category was created. See item B in the following: Production Orders - Enhancements.

What are my options to get this feature?

You need to wait to see if the developer adds it. There are almost 175 ideas in that category already.

Meanwhile, one option is to bypass the production order entirely. Think about a merchant who buys fruit juices by the case, but sells them by the bottle. She could record a purchase invoice as 24 bottles or 1 case. If she records 1 case, she must then enter a production order to convert the case into bottles. But if she records 24 bottles, she is finished.

You could do the same thing. Rather than record purchase of 1 carcass, you could record 2 tenderloins, 4 rib roasts, 20 kg of ground beef, etc. Because carcasses will vary, you will probably have to record (or edit) the purchase invoice after butchering and weighing. You would need to come up with a method for dividing the cost of the carcass into the component cuts of meat. (But the same will eventually be true if the ability for multiple finished outputs of a production order is added.)