Production Order should be able to produce more than one finished inventory items

In manufacturing you might produce more than one item from raw material.
Hence a production order should allow to produce more than one finished inventory items

If you are making more then one finished inventory item from a single raw material then you would use separate Production Orders for each finished inventory items.

Lets say you were doing packaged flour in 1kg and 5 kg bags. The flour maybe the same but the packaging is different - so separate production orders

I have raised this issue before, I called it By-product
E.g. If a company buys wood and produce a table and chair in every conversion but can sell them separately.

In the meantime you can just do it twice to get your items.
Let say you use 1kg of A to produce B and C and the ratio is 0.75 to 0.25 of raw mat A.
Just do a first production order using .75 or A item to produce B and do another for C using 0.25

Always do the maths before

Yes, just realised @Brucanna’s comment. Just do them separately