Production Order Status (Drop down list)

Good day, Manager support team
I am using version

Concerning the production module on the program

I have a suggestion on the production order Status

Can it be a drop down list with more than one option

Like Completed, Shipped and WIP “Work in progress”

Just to know what production order is in the production hall, and whiche one is shipped and which one is closed and completed after reviewing all the costs related to it.

It would help me a lot.

As always, thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks.

No. You seem to misunderstand the purpose of production order status. Your perspective apparently comes from a belief that a production order is related only to a single job. While that might be true in some cases, production orders are often used to manufacture for stock, or as interim steps in a manufacturing flow consisting of multiple stages. Status of production orders is completely unrelated to whether anything is “in the production hall,” shipped, closed, or reviewed.

Production order status is related only to whether the business owned sufficient quantities of inventory items on the bill of materials to complete the order. See the Guide: Understand insufficient quantity on a production order | Manager. A production order is considered to be in work from the moment the production order is created, whether any work is being done on it or not. In other words, it is an order for something to be done, not a method for monitoring work status. It is a tool for creating inventory items from other inventory items, potentially with non-inventory costs added. It has nothing to do with selling or delivering a finished good.

So, the Complete status only signifies that acquisition of all necessary inventory items on the bill of materials is complete. It does not mean that work has begun or been finished. It is an inventory mangement tool, not a work monitoring tool.

Always appreciate your support, Tut.
What if all you mentioned can be implemented as a way of developing the production module.
I have worked on Microsoft Dynamics Nav, Oracle and other accounting softwares.
My idea comes from there.
Again, your help is always appreciated.

The ERPs you mentioned are usually customized to fit a particular workflow. Manager on the other hand isn’t an ERP, and it’s designed to work out-of-the-box without need for extensive customization.

The solution to your issue is obvious, you need to use something that can be delivered like a Sales Order in addition to the production order but even then, the delivery status cannot be traced from the Sales Order itself.


Dear, Ealfardan, thanks a lot for the kind reply.
I see your point.
Thanks again.

We use a custom field in Sales orders to record and track the status of jobs.

Obviously Manager doesn’t do any automatic sorting, colour coding, or archiving based on this, but we can search easily enough. You could preface the list options with numbers to making sorting more useful too. I’m not sure if something like this would be relevant to your workflow, @AhmedAtia, but hopefully it gives you some ideas.


Your solution is exactly what I needed.
Implemented it and it working just fine.
Many thaaaaaaaaaanks.

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