Processing Bid Security Deposits

@rajesh as your earlier thread has been closed, responding to your last post there needs to be here.

You require all BSD’s payments to appear in one Current Asset account.
You require all BSD’s payments/refunds relating to one company, ABC, to be grouped together.
You require the BSD payment to be a single process entry.
You require the BSD refund to be a single process entry.

All this can occur in Manager right now without needing any programme changes if you adopt @Tut option (b) “Create the customer (tender) as a supplier and enter the deposit against Supplier credits. This puts the deposits into the asset group”.

The only thing required to make this work, is to treat the tender process and the selling of goods with a company as two completely separate accounting transactions; e.g. ABC Tenders & ABC Sales

Initially, a company “supplies” tender bidding opportunities and the Bid Security payment is “purchasing” that supply. So at this point ABC Tender is a “Supplier” as nothing is being sold to them. Subsequently, if a tender is won the company becomes a “Customer” - ABC Sales - as goods are now being sold to them.

So to set this up the following is required.

  1. Create all companies who you submit tenders to as Suppliers - If you want to group these companies together within the Suppliers Listing you could use a prefix such as T-ABC, T-XYZ.

Then you can process the payments and refunds in the normal way

  1. When submitting Bid Security payments - Spend Money, Account = Suppliers Credits - Supplier = T-ABC…
  2. When receiving Bid Security refund - Receive Money, Account = Suppliers Credits - Supplier = T-ABC.

This results in all payments/refunds for a particular supplier, T-ABC , being grouped together and all Bid Security Deposits appearing in a single current asset account.

To tidy things up, you could edit the “Suppliers Credits” current asset account to read “Bid Security Deposits”

Only after you have had a winning tender with a company, do you need to create them as a Customer.