Hi, I would like check the security deposit for rental pay, normally we key under expenses. but if the security deposit will refund once we terminated the rental. so is it key under expenses also?

A deposit is a liability. You owe the money to your tenant unless there is a problem, which would necessitate an additional transaction to transfer it to income. It would only then be offset by an expense.

So I key to expenses, if refund we only key as income correct…
Thank you so much.

If you are paying the security deposit as the tenant, classify the payment as an asset. If the security deposit is withheld by the owner when your tenancy expires due to damage to the property or unpaid rent, then it can be transferred from the asset account to an expense account.

If you are the owner of the property and received the security deposit, classify the receipt as a liability. If the security deposit is withheld by you at the end of the tenancy, then it can be transferred to an income account or to an expense account as a contra/minus if you used it to pay for repairs.


I am not sure what you mean by credit bank debit supplier credit. If you enter the payment from the Bank Accounts tab the rest will take care of itself.

ok, I mean I already pay by bank, so I key credit tenant debit supplier credit?

How would I categorise a rental income earned from a property sublet and also properly invoice it.

For example, office space given (sublet) out to a third party generating annual income for the owner.

You should have some income account (e.g. Rent received) created under your Chart of Accounts.

Then you simply issue invoice and categorize line item to Rent received account.

How to treat Post Dated Cheques. We receive cheques from tenants in advance and as you know that post dated cheques can’t be shown on the balance sheet.
1st rent payment normally occurs at the start of tenancy contract and usually it should be treated as receipt
2nd, 3rd and 4th payment is received after every 3 months of the next rent payment, so how we will treat this
your help will be highly appreciated

how we can add custom field to receipt voucher and payment voucher
like cheque date, cheque number, bank

i have experienced that no automatic number is generated by the software whenever we make receipt voucher or any other journal voucher
is there any solution for automatic number generated?

Technically, a post-dated cheque does not exist yet, since it cannot be presented for payment. I can think of two options:

  1. Enter the cheques as money received in Uncleared Deposits categorizing as rent received, but date them in the future when they will be valid. Manager will ignore them until the date arrives. When you present them and they clear, recategorize them as cleared.

  2. Enter them individually as their stated dates arrive.

Either way, you must safeguard the cheques and remember to present them when valid.

See the Guide at Manager Guides.

Automatic numbering occurs on invoices only. The Reference field on receipts and payments can be used to enter one, or some users like to use that to reference something else. Therefore, there is no automatic number assigned.

Thanks a lot for your quick response
stay blessed
and you people are doing great work
i liked your software too much :slight_smile:

Thank you for your kind words, @Muhammad1. But I am not on the development team, just a user like yourself.

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one more question brother
i have added custom fields in the sales receipts and i need them to be in a row but these custom fields are in column shape
Payment Type
Cheque No.
Cheque Date

how to shape them i a row
like Payment Type Cheque No. Cheque Date Bank

Unless you want to code your own invoice template from scratch, there is currently no capability to format the position of custom fields.

is it necessary to make sales invoices in service business i-e. real estate business
where one rents shops.
Can we directly recognize the rental income without making any sales invoice.
Accounts Receivable / Cash Dr
Rental Income Cr

If the lessee of your shops is able to rely on the lease agreement to satisfy their income tax or other substantiation requirements then you can record the receipt of rental income without issuing a sales invoice.

Here in UAE there is no tax system
so i don’t need to record sales invoices it means

@Muhammad1, you technically only need to use a sales invoice when you are selling on credit, that is, when you expect the customer to pay some time in the future. For current payments, you can use the Receive Money function in a bank account or cash account.

However, it might be useful to create your lessees as customers, possibly even creating individual customers for individual properties (if someone leases more than one property). That way, you would be able to produce customer statements for them. However, that is a convenience, not an accounting necessity.

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