Record security deposit refund

I received security deposit refund from customer. how can I record this security refund using journal in Manager account software?
Can show step by step?

You cannot. All movements of money into and out of the business must be recorded in the Receipts & Payments tab. See Record a receipt | Manager. Post the receipt to the same account where you first posted the deposit.

The correct define shd be: I paid security deposit to my supplier and i record this transaction under “deposit” acc under “asset”. Now the supplier refund me the security deposit… shd i record this security deposit refund using journal?
The way is credit security deposit, Debit bank.
How shd i record step by step?

As I already wrote, you should not and cannot enter this transaction as a journal entry in Manager.

Create a receipt. Select the bank account to which the receipt is deposited. Allocate the transaction to the deposit asset account where you originally recorded the payment to the supplier. This is equivalent to debiting the bank account and crediting the deposit asset account.