Can Manager Be Used For Preparation of BAS & Tax Returns?


Very late in life, I am having to try to learn how to set-up record keeping for a very small business. My immediate need is to prepare a Partnership Return for 2016-17 and a BAS. I used to use e-Record. Can Manager be used for this? If not what can I use instead.


I would recommend you search the forum for BAS and making tax returns. There are many conversations on this topic already, so there is likely already an answer for most of your questions.

The search field is found at the top-right of the screen - click on the magnifying glass icon.

Manager is set up with the goal to work for as many countries as possible. Therefore, except for certain circumstances, there aren’t going to be too many country-specific features.

You might find that you cannot use Manager directly for the task, but you can export from Manager into an Excel sheet that serves your purposes, when you run into limitations like this.

I haven’t personally needed to submit a BAS yet, so I can’t give you specific advice on that, search is your best option.


If you have selected under Settings - Tax Codes - Australia GST 10%, then under Reports - Tax Reports you have “GST Calculation Worksheet for BAS”. This will generate the BAS figures but not its lodgement.