Problems with voices in english and tax percentages


I’m a freelance, I’ve just discovered manager and I love it. I think I’m gonna use it for 2014 accounting. I’m just having some problems with the invoice themes which is It’s too closed from user changes.
Is there any plugin that lets me change aspects like the value of the voices freely from english to my own language (in this case italian) or the font sizes?

For example I cannot give to an italian client an invoice with words like Balance due (we call the total without taxes “Imponibile” and the total with taxes in “Totale”) or invoice (Fattura)… Also the font sizes and other things. I’d like also to change the tax value percentage (for me 4%)… I can only add belgium tax VAT which is similar to Italian taxes process but the percentages are not the same and I cannot change them.

Thank’s a lot!


As per translation, please consider joining translation team.

Regarding taxes, we don’t have tax plugin for Italy yet so the alternative is to use “Custom Tax Codes” plugin which will allow you setup your own tax scheme.

uh thank you! I’d really like to join the translation team.

And for the Invoice themes? Is there something that is going to be developed?

The plan is to allow customization of invoices through CSS stylesheets, coming sometime in December or January.

Perfect. I think Italian language will reach 100% soon. :smile: