Problems importing bank statement

Just started using the import bank statement feature and running into a few issues.

The first one is that Manager doesn’t recognize the Date column but I see that’s a known problem. I was using a csv file at the time, then switched to a qfx file and that problem disappeared.

Second issue concerns bank rules. Some of the imported transactions have bank rules associated with them and the screen after I click Import shows the correct accounts in green. After clicking the Bulk Update button, I didn’t get any indication that the bulk update had succeeded or failed, and when I check the bank account in question, the imported transactions were allocated to Suspense so the bulk update failed for some unknown reason.

Thirdly, Manager didn’t recognize some of the transactions as duplicates. They had the same date and amount, only the Payee was slightly different. I understand that might not constitute an exact match but I think it would be useful to provide a way to indicate that partial matches like that are or are not duplicates. That seems to be fairly common in other accounting software.

This was running Manager Desktop 19.1.26 on OSX 10.13.6

Did the formats match exactly?

Can you illustrate with screen shots of a bank rule and an imported transaction that did not work? Show the Edit screen.

Where would you stop? John A. Smith might or might not be Jon A. Smith, so that might seem intuitively obvious. But how about John Al Smith? And if you’re looking for a transaction with John A. Smith, would you separate any John A. XXXXX for screening? How about all Johns? What about anything with a J? A duplicate is a duplicate. A mismatch is not.

The date formats matched exactly. In fact, when I changed the column heading in the first line of the csv file from “Posting Date” to “Date”, the date column was recognized.

My mistake on the bulk update issue. I failed to notice I have to click the checkbox of each transaction to be updated before clicking the Bulk Update button. A better user interface would be to disable the Bulk Update button unless at least one transaction is selected for update.