Problem with suppliers / payables

I add a custom control account under Suppliers.
Then add a supplier under custom control account.
Make a purchase with this new supplier under custom control account.
But, Liabilities not hit on summary page.
New custom control account in summary is blank.

You need to illustrate this with screen shots. You have not furnished enough information to understand your situation.

You say you added a custom control account under Suppliers, which is not possible. Then you say you added a supplier under the custom control account, which is also not possible. Suppliers are added in the Suppliers tab, no matter what control account you assign them to. And custom control accounts are added under Settings. So your description needs to be more precise.

Your screen shots do not show whether you assigned the supplier, Land Owners suppliers test, to the control account, Land Owners. Instead, you showed a supplier Edit screen with no name.

Did you actually create the Purchase Invoice? When your screen shot was taken, you had not.

Drill down on the hyphen for Land Owners on your Summary page. Show what is there.

The edit screen of the purchase invoice shows an error - the account is Suspense

Ah, yes. The non-inventory item with code BTkG is incompletely defined. This is not a supplier or payable problem at all.

After Changing that, result is same.
I tried alternatively.

Show the Edit screen for that non-inventory item.

That is not what I requested. You have shown your modified purchase invoice. Show the Edit screen for the non-inventory item from Settings.

There is your problem. You set up the non-inventory item only to be sold. So it cannot be used on a purchase invoice.

The actual question is why the program allowed you to select it. But that will be the subject of a different investigation and potential bug report.


Your process is incorrect so far i understand.

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Thanks for your kind reply.
Now, we understood.
tuts helps us.
BTW, we use this software for a Developer Company in Bangladesh.