Problem with sending invoices via Windows XP


Continuing the discussion from Emailing Invoices:

When is the Windows XP problem going to be solved so we can send emails directly from Manager. It is very difficult when you have 100 invoices to send out and you have to save them to pdf first and then send them.

Please help urgently :scream:


This comment isn’t related to Manager specifically, but I think it’s worth noting that Windows XP is no longer supported by Microsoft and no longer receives updates. Its continued use therefore will be increasingly risky as security holes are left unpatched.

I’d recommend that anyone still using Windows XP should upgrade to a newer OS if at all possible. If not, the Windows XP machine should operated as a standalone, offline computer. If such machines are kept connected and in daily use, regular backups of business critical data are imperative.


Why not try Linux? It works well on older computers, safer than Windows and it’s free!