Problem with invoice mini-statement if receipt is reversed

If a receipt recorded against a sales invoice is reversed, the sales invoice mini-statement lists both the original receipt and the reversal. However, there is no Balance due field. In this illustration, the sales invoice was entered. Then a receipt for the full amount was recorded. Then the receipt was reversed with an identical bank receipt, but with a negative-value unit price as when reversing a dishonored cheque:

Fixed in the latest version (18.7.55)


After the last update, if a customer have made an advance payment and then issue the invoice, in the mini statement of the specific invoice it shows that the customer made the advance payment on the date the invoice was issued and not the date of the original advance payment

This has been discussed and explained in previous forum topics, @pandhm. The mini-statement lists the date of the transaction applying the deposit to the sales invoice, which is the issue date. It does not list the date of receiving the deposit. Those are two separate accounting transactions on two different dates.