Mini account statement below the invoice

Mini account statement below the invoice

  • Because the due balance, if it is (0 ≥), the due balance becomes an excess payment of the invoice value.
  • Because if the balance is (0 ≥), the balance becomes an amount in excess of the bill value
  • In this case, the title must be changed to an excess payment instead of the word “due balance”, provided that the amount is positive (+), bearing in mind that if the amount in excess of the invoice value changes from the negative value to the positive value, this will be reflected in the negative value in the statement the account
  • It is not logical for the account statement to have an amount in excess of the invoice value, and it gives a negative (-) amount and names the due balance
    Note :-
    In the case of applying what was mentioned, an explanation of monitoring the changes in the account statement for the customer, as it is, in my view, based on reading from the due balance field
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I assume that you are manually assigning receipts to invoices rather than automatically. You should include a credit line for the excess payment in such case where you would assign such credit to the next invoice. That has little to do with Manager and more with you accepting excess receipts on an invoice.

In my opinion, the term due balance is perfect.
The positive or negative balance indicates who owes whom the amount.
Minus amount: seller owes an amount to the buyer.
Plus amount: buyer owes an amount to the seller.

I agree with @ries. I often receive monthly invoices and statements with negative “balance due.” For example, a credit card statement for a month during which I returned items worth more than I charged. Or a loan payment voucher at year end after a discount has been applied for 12 consecutive on-time payments via automatic withdrawal. Or a telephone bill that is normally prepaid, but for which a rebate has been applied due to an extended outage caused by a storm. I could go on.

What you are complaining about is a wording preference, not a mistake. Some entities change the wording as you suggest, some do not. In your example, the cause of the negative balance due is perfectly obvious. No customer or accounting clerk with authority to handle transactions of the size you illustrated will be confused by such a presentation.