Problem with currencies

I work with 4 currencies at the moment: USD, HKD, CNY and PHP.

  1. I have set the supplier and customer currency correctly. With this particular software company, I set the currency to USD.
  2. The amounts come out alright in the summary, like this:
  3. But when I print the invoice, the currency comes out is wrong:

i.e. it’s HKD instead of USD.

How do I make this work?


Make sure you clicked Update when you entered your base currency. Your screen shots make me think you have base currency set to HKD.

Tut, I did update it several times. Still have the same problem though.

Anyone solved this problem before?

If you like, send your accounting file to Your screenshots show very limited context so it’s difficult to determine what’s the issue. I’m sure it’s something simple.