Problem with automatic reference number

Hi, I’m currently using manager cloud version
I have a problem in my payment module. The reference was set into automatic numbering from the initial setting (in the form defaults). But now I just realize that I have 2 sets of sequence number running. I have attached the screenshot below.
Please advise on how to fix this.
Thank you.

@porcupine, you need to furnish more information. Where is your screen shot taken from? Is the Payments tab listing? Also, please post screen shots of the Edit screens for two of the records you claim are duplicated.

Yes this is screen shot taken from Payments tab listing. I post the edit screens you asked below.

Neither of those payments have the automatic reference option selected

So there is nothing to check, the user can enter whatever reference number they want

Here is not easy to find automatic reference selected or not while he made the payment. Because if automatic reference selected, I could see it while creating a new payment record only. Then I go and click edit on that payment, the automatic selection status is not available there.
Here it seems he click edit to get the screen shot of edit screen.

As soon as there is a number in the box it will not show the tick in the blue box. Ideally when automatic reference was selected it would always show that this was selected. So maybe an idea to make that happen because at the moment once used it will show the actual number but no longer that it was an automatic reference.

You can look at the history of the Payment to see if that throws some light on the problem

It could be a timing problem using the cloud version if two different users are trying to update the Manager database at the same time - although this should be monitored by Manager

Can you show a screenshot of the Payments’ Form Defaults edit screen?

If I tick the Reference tick box, all new payments have that tick box ticked, at least in server v23.5.8.822.


When you go to Edit an existing payment, then the tick box is unticked but the assigned reference No. is visible.


@Mark, Here is the form defaults of Payments

OK, thx. And when you now create a new payment, how does the Edit screen look like? Is the Reference tick box still ticked?

@porcupine this is exactly my point. So you no longer can assess if it was autogenerated or manually entered.

I found the culprit :smiley:
Currently the payments module is used by 2 users. I just check the history and found that 1 of the user who was restricted to see the bank account, always edited the reference number because she saw the number skipped (because of the restriction, she could not see the payment record paid from bank).
So my fault, I didn’t investigate thoroughly :face_in_clouds:
My apologies :pray:

3 minutes in the naughty corner. :grin:

@porcupine, you have a training issue. Users must be trained to understand the purpose of automatic references. Even when two or more users are entering payments at the same time, they will all see the automatic reference checkbox from Form Defaults (assuming you have set up your defaults that way). They should not be looking at the Payments list to try to determine whether something has been skipped or needs editing.

Automatic references are assigned only when the transaction is created by clicking the Create button. That feature was incorporated years ago specifically to address the issue of nearly simultaneous entries. Prior to that, references were assigned when the transaction form was opened, causing all sorts of problems.

I suspect you would like this idea Option to Lock the Reference field