Customer advance payment


Hi… I’m a new user for manager… How do i manage customer advance payment? i read the guide for the account for deposit and advance but still i couldn’t understand what should i do…
i got payment from customer for 1 year school fee $6200 and i want to break down the payment per month $1550… how i creat the bank payment and sales invoice every month? how to use or deduct the deposit? thank you


Enter a bank transaction for the advance receipt from the customer. Allocate it to Accounts receivable => Customer name, but leave the Invoice field blank. This will move the customer’s balance under Accounts receivable in the negative direction. Each month, raise a sales invoice for the customer, allocating it to an appropriate income account, such as Tuition fees. Because the customer has a credit balance in Accounts receivable, Manager will apply enough of that balance to satisfy the sales invoice, and the sales invoice will immediately show a balance due of zero. The customer’s balance in Accounts receivable will move in the positive direction. This will continue until the advance receipt is exhausted.