Printing docs with more than one pages - keep headers on top

Hello all,

I searched the forum about .pdf generator and Print functions, however I have not found a solution about printing documents with more than one pages.
In particular, the problem is that through Print function, everything is ok when we have a document with just one page, but with 2 or more pages I cannot figure it out how to have on top the business logo and details, the table headers, etc in each page.
It is something vital, but is would be better to have any document printed with a usable format.
This is a capability that is provided through .pdf generator, which is however a legacy/obsolete feature Internal PDF generator now obsolete (it does not support fonts colours, etc.)
So, do you have any thoughts/solutions (if possible) for this matter?
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This is a browser limitation. The header needs to be no more than 250 pixels tall in order for it to repeat.

You might argue that 250 pixels is an arbitrary number and you’d be right, but it is what it is, unfortunately.

Yeah, you 're right. 250 pixels is both an arbitrary and a very small number. I hope that in future there may be an improvement/adjustment for this issue.

Just to mention that I have used <thead class="report-header"> code which is the easy way to have header being repeated, but it is only available through Custom Themes; I try to stop using them given that it is an obselete feature.

There’s a replacement coming for Themes so don’t lose hope just yet.

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