@lubos when I printing Sales Quotes, Sales Invoice, Delivery notes, with two or more pages, the header, with my company details, and customers details, from the second page and after, is not printed. Any idea about this? With button PDF, everything was ok, now with PRINT button, the problem is as I described.
Please keep in mind that since the software, for some of us is not a toy and is our tool to operate our companies, such changes concerning the interface with clients I think should be avoided
Manager Server, on Windows 10

Browsers have their way in rendering headers. There seems to be a limit of 250px as tested by @BawarYassin:

The internal PDF generator used to handle cases where the headers are more than 250px but it too had its pros and cons and now it’s being phased out.

You could write a theme to solve this issue, but themes too are being phased out so it’s better to make do with the internal PDF generator until a replacement for themes is announced.

thank you Ealfardan