Print sale invoice

How adjust the sale invoice in printer.and payment and receipt are print in small size paper

Manager natively supports printing only on A4 and USLetter sized paper. The choice follows your selection under Email Settings in the Settings tab.

If you want to print on different sized paper, you must created a custom theme. Several users have reported success doing this on the forum. Search for the topics. Some include sample code for the custom themes. I must warn you, however, it will not be a simple task.

Liquid not easy as it’s name. A bit different then other languages. Having problem to customize themes.
Can you please share some links for me?

The most authoritative one is linked in the Guide:

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Liquid is an extendable language. Starting with documentation on what has been implemented on other systems is reasonable. See this post

The difficulty you will experience is mostly related to the fact

  • such documentation is only a starting point. The implementation in Manager is not exactly the same.
  • There is no wiki listing filter / procedure calls which are available and the parameters they support
  • There is no wiki listing the variables exposed
  • There is no wiki listing html functions supported
  • The advance programming interface is really low level program hooks subject to change as the program evolves. So any customisation you do will require maintenance.
  • There is no forum to discuss advanced customisation of Manager and discussion on this forum is discouraged. I assume because advanced customisation is beyond most accounting program users.

The usual answer is the program is “self documenting”, just reverse engineer what is already exposed.

Not surprisingly few users take the time to actually use such an environment although many can see its potential.

Searching for example code on this forum is really the only resource available.

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@Patch thank you for your very big reply.
I have read some of these docs. found a bit difficulty on implementation. Specially handling Arrays.

Thank you again.

@Tut Thank you. Saw that before. :slight_smile:

It would be good to have a forum somewhere discussions on Liquid related questions are permitted, at least to have a support community to develop skills and quickly solve issues.

Anything that solves an issue, adds to a more enjoyable user experience and thus to a better product profile, so IMO this kind of discussion shouldn’t be frowned upon, but rather encouraged.

P.S. I’ve been deep in PHP OOP this last year for my own website backend development, and enjoy learning new coding concepts.

The point is that this forum is meant to support the Manager application, not be an educational resource about Liquid coding. There are other better places for that.

That was excactly OCPL’s point, it would be good to have a place for the topic of Manager’s Liquid scripting and also for API discussions and examples… We all know it is not here, but it would be good to have a part of this forum for such topics… They are related to Manager and they are important to us…