Prices not showing after batch Create

Hi guys!
So im trying to batch create my inventory list and i’ve done everything by the book but after every try everything but my purchase and sales price is showing.
Please help me this is quite frustrating none of the guides is helping and now upon every order i have to enter the sales price manually rather than it comming up on its own. here follows some examples:
Here i have pasted my data.

Here my prices shows fine.

but here there is absolutely nothing!!

Please help me if anyone knows why this is happening

Please indicate what edition (Desktop, Server, Cloud) version and platform you are using

Have you tried with just numbers in the price fields so 20.13 instead of R20,13?

decimal point instead of comma?

This works perfectly for me V20.2.83 in Windows 10 PC Desktop version

Thanx for the advise. i changed the comma and it works perfect now. Thank you