Next and back button for browsing invoice


Would like to see is a Next and Back button for browsing invoices. It should skip to the next invoice in the account and not series wise. Eg. If I have several invoices in an account e.g.

Account name : XYZ LTD
invoice : 42312
invoice 42368
invoice 42766

So If I am on say invoice 42368 and i press the Back button, it should land on 42312 and 42766 on pressing the next button.

This has been discussed many times in the forum previously. Search the forum to read those discussions. Briefly, the reason something like this is not implemented is because there are many paths to an individual transaction. The concepts of Next and Previous (or Back) will mean different things to different users, depending on how they arrived at a transaction. They might mean Next/Previous:

  • Reference number
  • Creation date
  • Due date
  • Unpaid transaction (for invoices)
  • For customer or supplier by reference
  • For customer or supplier by date
  • In workflow (for example, when a sales quote is copied to a sales order, which is then copied to a sales invoice, then to a delivery note)

You have suggested your personal preference. Others have different preferences.

Additionally, Manager functions as a browser. Back means specifically “back to the previously displayed page.” Next does not mean anything until you go there. A browser cannot predict what page you want to view next.

@Tut [quote=“Tut, post:2, topic:22602”]
The concepts of Next and Previous (or Back) will mean different things to different users
For every program feature, users will always prefer different way/ shorter way as per there preferences. No program can be to all customers satisfaction, no matter what. But I believe there should be standard way. In this case, if it can be implemented, I believe the next/previous order is as per creation date, just what I think not necessarily to agree with me. It can be extended to all vouchers, not just invoices.

6 different userswould have 6 different expectations of next and previous

It would be impossible to manage Next and Previous in any sensible manner

This has already been discussed to death on the forum

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This feature will be totally useless to many of us. You can easily see all transactions listed in the invoice tab. You can sort by date, reference etc, you can use the powerful search button too. Why do you need back and forth buttons to navigate them?