◄Prev - Next► functionality

I think of all the improvements I believe would be most helpful, is that every transaction to have a

◄Prev - Next► feature.

To be able to view the ◄Previous or Next►numbered (invoice, quote , purchase order, etc:).

In which context would you use this feature?

The difficulty here is that different people would expect something else when they click “Next” button. For example, you would expect the next issued invoice, someone else would expect to see the next issued invoice of the same customer etc.

I don’t mind Manager supporting this but it must be clear in which context this feature is going to operate in. I have a few ideas how to make this obvious but there a few things which need to be improved in terms of user interface before I get to “Prev/Next” functionality. For example, addition of breadcrumbs.

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The (Next or Previous) transaction in “Numerical” order, regardless of who it’s assigned to, would be what I was referring to.

By the way, I do believe that Manager’s Transactions that are numbered, such as Quotes, are sorted by date 1st, and by amount 2nd; rather than by the number on the transaction. Is that by design?

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