Previous Depreciation Journal Entries switched to suspense

Something happened in the past few updates that made all previous journal entries to accumulated depreciation land in suspense instead.

Here’s the list of depreciation entries:

Here’s the view screen of the first entry:

Here’s the edit screen for the same entry:

Also, when I try to reselect Fixed assets, accumulated depreciation account id doesn’t appear anymore.

Now all my depreciation entries are in suspense. What should I do next?

Looks similar to Journal Entries have been erased after update

Yes, but my issue is that all my Journal Entries have been erased! :frowning:

I can’t see the Account fields nor the values.

@Ealfardan I’m trying to figure out how come you were able to post to accumulated depreciation control account using journal entries in the first place? I thought it wasn’t possible since there is Depreciation Entries tab for that.

Notice the journal entries are from 2017. The Depreciation Entries tab wasn’t added until October 2019.

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These entries were all batch created in early 2019, or maybe 2018 when I first migrated transactions from another system into manager.

However, I haven’t enabled the Depreciation Entries until today because I have no reason to maintain my all fixed assets register in manager since it doesn’t support straight line depreciation, however, I kept the asset listing just in case.

@Ealfardan my understanding is that those journal entries have been done through batch create. And postings have been done into accounts which are not allowed using journal entries.

Batch create is going to improve so it does sanitize input in such a way that if transaction cannot be created using normal form, it won’t be possible to create using batch create. This would prevent issues like this in the future.