Journal Entry isssue on depreciation entry

When I make a journal entry for audit adjustment on fixed asset depreciation,
I could select the depreciation expense account on profit and loss side on edit screen.
But once created it goes to Suspense account.
Am I missed/did wrong something? (using Windows Desktop v24.5.25.1575)

@lubos , For your kind attention for fixing it soon. Because when I print the Balance sheet, this amount is being under suspense. Thank you.

@Shan, I didn’t fix this yet because I’m not yet sure whether journal entry should be allowed to use this account.

You can create your custom depreciation expense account which you can assign to fixed assets. This account can be used in journal entries just fine.


@lubos Would it be possible to make the expense account for depreciation selectable for each transaction? This would be helpful when we want to allocate a proportion of depreciation to different expense accounts (Like a percentage to Admin expenses remaining to Cost of goods).

Thank you @lubos for the prompt reply. I’ll try to solve the issue by the way you suggested. (create custom depreciation expense account) for time being.