Possible "Bug" with Form Defaults ("Payer" in Receive Money Section)

Hello everyone.

I was creating a Form Deafault for “Bank Transactions-Receive Money”. I filled somo fields and I noticed that “Payer Section” keeps staying in blank. Let me show you with screenshots:

As you can see in the screenshot bellow, the “Payer Section” is filled with “X” Customer, so I’m guessing this will appear while making a payment in bank transactions, but…

Now this is what appears when I go to Bank Transactions-Receive Money:

Everything stayed how I wanted. But the “Payer” Section is in blank. Is it supposed to be like this, Am I doing something wrong, or is this a bug?


The program functions as you describe. Whether this is a bug or the way the developer intends it to work is for him to decide. The only reason I can think of for entering a single Payer under Form Defaults is if all your receipts are for cash sales.

Oh I see. It works for cash transactions. Maybe “Payer section” is just for Cash and not for a Bank transactions. But for me the receipt looks better if I select the Payer. I you don’t select the payer you can’t know to whom are you making the transaction. Let me show you with screenshot.


As you can see, it doesn’t appear to whom are you making the transaction.


And now selecting the payer it looks better and you also know to whom are you making the payment.

Both of them (with or without selecting the Payer), affects to the customer on Accounts Receivable.

The Payer field is meant to be filled in on a receipt regardless of whether the receipt goes directly into a bank account or not. The only difference between bank and cash transactions is the title and choice of accounts where the money is received.

When I referred to cash sales, I was referring to sales made to customers who pay immediately rather than on credit. For example, a retail store might issue only receipts to walk-in customers. That could be true whether the customer pays by cash, cheque, or credit card. My point was that you have no need for the customer’s actual name. You could sell every item to “Counter Customer.”

Ok, I understand you.
I just wanted to write in “Payer Section” something like: “Select Customer”. I’m doing this for my employees. For some of them is hard to understand Manager (I’m included haha). I’m trying to make a little help for them to understand and make easier Manager by using this Form Defaults so they know which sections they need to fill in order to make the payment.
Anyway, if there is nothing more to do, I guess they will learn with time.
Thanks for the help Tut.

This is a creative idea. Remember, however, that customers cannot be selected on a receipt form. Their names can be entered, and if they have been entered on a receipt previously, they will auto-suggest. But there is no direct linkage between defined customers (who have subsidiary ledgers in Accounts receivable) and Payers. The only direct linkage occurs when Accounts receivable is selected as the posting account.

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