Possible bug when invoicing inventory items?

I saw the freight in capability.
After creating invoice with item and nothing entered in Qty then add another (different) item with qty 1, then viewing standard invoice 1 is in both qty columns with the correct sales price and total but item ( with nothing entered in quantity ) hasn’t been reduced from inventory but inventory sales has increased.
I am using version 16.1.63
Also I always create an invoices from a quotes.

Thanks. I’m able to reproduce this issue now. You are right, it didn’t mean to happen and it’s now fixed in the latest version (16.2.42)

Anyway, regarding this change, do you find it more hassle now that quantity needs to be explicitly entered even if selling “1” item? One way I could improve this is that Manager would set quantity to “1” right after selecting any inventory item.

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That’s great thank you.

Yes I liked the original way you had it perfect. When I entered say 2 as Qty in first item all the other items select 1 as default. I normally have 10-15 items and would save extra clicking and data entry.
I thought maybe with the freight-in, if you entered “0” on Qty instead of nothing it would include freight in item cost?

The reason for the change wasn’t only freight-in issue even though it did contribute to it.

For example, many users couldn’t figure out why “qty” column doesn’t show “1” but it does show if at least some line items have quantity other than “1”… the whole concept simply wasn’t intuitive to first-time users.

If you select inventory item and quantity “1” is put into the Qty field automatically, I think it will be more obvious to first-time users and at the same time, older users won’t feel like something has been taken away from them.

I agree, automatically showing 1 is the way to go.
I also liked that if you didn’t select anything and 1 was default, on the invoice Qty column wasn’t shown. Is this still current?

Once latest version is download, will that correct my inventory Qty’s? Or, what date did it change so I can go back and check each invoice that may be affected and put 1 in Qty to correct items on hand?

Yes, this still applies. Even though “1” is no longer default. But yeah, if you don’t enter anything in Qty field on any line item, then Qty column will be hidden.

Inventory quantity won’t be changed. This was cosmetic issue. You need to edit those invoices and manually enter quantity “1” where quantity should be reduced or increased by one.

I will go back a month and check if any invoices need correcting as freight in came into effect 25th January.

Unbeatable support, thank you.

@lubos i have downloaded the latest version and i see no change to how it was before, apart from the Qty number (1) removed from invoice??

Yeah, that was the issue. Qty 1 shouldn’t have been shown if no quantity was set on invoice during data-entry.

Are you planning to implement this?

There are actually quite a few things I want to improve on inventory. For example, I’m going to move all inventory items under Items column when doing data-entry. At that point I will also make it so quantity will be set automatically to “1” when inventory item is selected.

It just means extra clicking and data entry until inventory items are under items column.
When creating a Quote, (which later copied to invoice) I normally click the suspense box then choose inventory sales → then inventory item → then click the Add line button and do the same over again for each item.
Now I have to click the suspense box choose inventory sales → then inventory item then click quantity then enter one in box then click add line.

For people that want to use the freight in feature and not enter anything in the Qty box, which they only have to do once on a purchase invoice it is making extra work/clicks for other users.

I did notice when using the purchase invoice tab that if I added an item without a quantity that item would be put into inventory.
Shouldn’t the blank Qty field only work for purchase invoices? Not sales invoices for freight in purposes?

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Can I bump up this “bug/feature.” I upgraded from pre new summary look to the latest version of Manager this week and did not realise that inventory was not increasing/decreasing. This affected inventory on hand purchases, sales of inventory and it affected either credit notes or write off inventory or both - I can’t remember.

As you say the default should be to be set automatically to “1” when inventory item is selected. It is important that the system work identically whether you are selecting an inventory item or a purchase invoice item.

I agree with @itmoto, it is creating extra unnecessary clicks and I think its counterintuitive to new users unfamiliar with the program as it looks like everything is working, when in fact its not.

The latest version (16.5.46) will default quantity to “1” when selecting an inventory item.


Can we subscribe to some channel to get latest desktop version if you release new version?

Thank you. I have been waiting for this feature. I will upgrade immediately.

There are no subscriptions or automatic updates for the Desktop Edition. Updated editions can be released several times a day. You can track the major releases by clicking on “Releases” across the top on the Forum home page. To get updated, when it suits (weekly/monthly) - click on Desktop Edition (top left corner) and click Download

Big thank you! Look forward to updating when I return back. Small enhancements make all the difference!

@lubos, Would it be at all possible to have default quantity “1” when entering Sales Invoice Items and Purchase Invoice Items?