Populate G7 or G18 on BAS worksheet

Hi All,

I failed to enter two expense entries of which 1 should have been reported in Q1 and the other in Q3. I need to make an adjustment in Q4 to include these entries as adjustments in Q4 and claim GST on them.
The adjustment is to show under “G18 Adjustments” of the BAS worksheet. Are there any guides showing how to make these adjustments? If not does anyone know how to enter / record these adjustments?

Your help is very much appreciated.

This is not supported - mostly because adjustments are used for something else (not for fixing mistakes).

To fix mistake, you should either correct the original entry and lodge amended BAS or make a journal entry with current date where you credit expense without tax code and debit the same expense with tax code.

Thanks Lubos for your response. I made a journal entry as you suggested which returned the correct GST payment for Q4. The Journal also adjusted the GST for Q1 and Q3.

You wrote that adjustments are used for something else… May I ask what they are used for? There’s two adjustment cells… G7 and G18.


or follow the link in the page lubos linked to