BAS Assistance - Australian GST

A lot of our expenses are incurred online from US-Based websites and do not incur GST.

In entering these transactions, I have left the Tax column empty as no GST applies, with the expectation they would still appear in Non-Capital Expenditure.

They are not really ‘Non-GST’ items but just don’t include GST. Hence they would normally appear as G14 on the Calculation Worksheet.

In any case:

a) How can I make it so that Non-GST Transactions appear correctly (ie. Would non-GST be correct);

b) Bulk update transactions to reflect this

You need to use GST Free tax code. If you don’t have this tax code, go to Settings, then Tax Codes to add it.

There is no way to bulk update transactions with a specific tax code though. You will need to update tax code one by one for now.