Please add BYN (Belarus ruble after denomination) to currency

After denomination process Belarus ruble changed symbol from BYR to BYN.

Can you add BYN to currency with format XX.YY where X is ruble, and YY are coins.

For now we can not use BYR because it doesn’t contain coins.

Added to the latest version (16.9.85)

Thank you.

I’ve installed latest version. Everything works fine.

Dear @lubos
I’ve found some problem with BYN currency.

We can not change “Currency” in existed “Cash accounts” to BYN. There is no BYN in list of available currency. But other “Currency” are available.

At the same time we could create new “Cash accounts” in BYN currency.

After reviewing your additional post, @koval, I realized I misunderstood what you were asking. So I deleted several of my and your posts to avoid confusing others.

I think that what you have done is change your base currency to BYN and that the cash accounts changed at the same time. If you do not specify a currency for the cash account, it will be in the same currency as base currency. Now, when you try to change it, it already is BYN. That’s what should show in gray in the window.

But you have a bigger problem. You cannot just change the symbol for your accounts. Because of the redenomination, you must change the amounts, which means you need new cash accounts in BYN and should designate the original ones as BYR.

@koval, you should keep your current accounting file using the old currency and start new accounting file when your business starts using new base currency.

Yes, you are right.
My problem is solved.

Thanks everyone for your support

We could close this topic.